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How To Shop With Ethereum in Local Stores Using Debit Card.

As a user of cryptocurrency, many are faced with the issue of translating this digital asset into real life use. What’s the point of having millions in cryptocurrency without being able to access it for simple needs in your life?

This question has plagued crypto users around the world and now, there is a viable solution – Denaro.

What Is Denaro and What Does It Offer?

Denaro is one of the kinds of cryptocurrency currently available on the market that seeks to address one of the biggest challenges faced by cryptocurrency users around the world which is being able to physically spend cryptocurrency such as Ethereum at local stores offline. It offers speed, ease of access and breaks banking and physical boundaries associated with spending your cryptocurrency.

  • Accessible and liquid cryptocurrency
  • Online and offline usage, storage, transfer and exchange of cryptocurrency
  • Instant conversion of cryptocurrency for fiat or other currency
  • A versatile payment solution through debit cards, web wallets and payment terminals
  • Secure and customisable SCI/APIs for merchant services
  • A multi-currency wallet that reduces the use of multiple addresses allowing the receipt and storage of multiple cryptocurrencies under one address

Why Is the Denaro Solution Valuable?

Denaro provides the ultimate solution for users of cryptocurrency that have sought to use it for their regular transactions or spend it physically in stores around the world. It makes it not just a luxury, but an essential, to be able to spend your cryptocurrency in this way or use it at ATMs or for other daily transactions.

It opens up the currently limited opportunities of cryptocurrency users while bridging the gap between users of cryptocurrency and everyday markets or merchants previously cut off from each other.

How Does Denaro Work?

A Denaro Debit Card allows users load multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Denaro into a physical card that can be spent in stores and transactions online and offline.

It also lets customers use web wallets, payment terminals and International Bank Numbers for storing, transferring, exchanging and spending cryptocurrency through its intuitive and secure platform.

This service is open to allows companies or individuals and encourages merchants to get on the platform.

It leverages the security of blockchain technology to ensure against fraud, counterfeiting, arbitrary reversals or chargebacks and protect its users’ privacy.

It aims to make buying goods and services as easy if not easier  than when using fiat currency.

Investing in Denaro

Denaro’s main ICO is scheduled to start on February 9, 2018 at 12:00 UTC and run for 35 days, ending at the end of March 2018. Contributions and Investments are accepted using Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) Ethereum (ETH), and the epay.com gateway for fiat currencies.

There are a number of bonuses available including a 3% referral commission.

For the first 15 million tokens sold during the Denaro ICO, a bonus of 25% will be available. The next 20 million tokens which will be sold afterwards at a 10% bonus and a 5% bonus for the following 25 million tokens with the final 5 million tokens earning no bonuses.

The minimum contribution accepted at the main Denaro ICO is $10 while the maximum is $100,000. Any contributions larger than this would require contacting support@denario.io for better processing and allocation of adequate bonuses.

The ICO is however not open to contributors from China, Singapore and the United States.

Additional Information on the Denaro Token

Token Name or Symbol: DNO

Total Amount: 100,000,000

Hard Cap: 65,000,000

Type: ERC-20

Token Price: $0.27; 3000 DNO/ETH

More details are available using this link.

You can access the white paper here.

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