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Interview with Ron Ramsey, CEO of Denaro regarding the DNO crowdsale and the project itself.

Ron Ramsey is the founder and CEO of Denaro, a Blockchain Technology startup focused on making cryptocurrencies more useful, accessible and spendable.

1)  Hi Ron, could you please tell us your name and a bit about yourself?

Ron : Hey TechBullion, pleased to be here. My name is Ron Ramsey, I’m an economist from the U.K. with a love for blockchain technology and I’m the founder and CEO of Denaro.

2) What is Denaro and what is the technology behind it?

Ron : Denaro is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and payment system — complete with debit cards and payment terminals. Users can operate online with their Denaro web wallet and offline with their debit cards. Merchants can take advantage of the first cryptocurrency payment terminals to be developed and the benefits that come with them. Users can also withdraw from ATMs and transfer cryptocurrencies using IBAN numbers, which is more similar to traditional banking.

The simplicity offered by the Denaro wallet and debit card is what the project is all about: giving everybody the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies in a widespread fashion. Cryptocurrencies are still not being used in the mainstream for daily payments with merchants. This is one of the primary issues we are solving.

Powered by state-of-the-art blockchain technology, Denaro is secure, fast and transparent.

3) Would you like to tell us about your team?

Ron : Sure thing! As anyone could tell you, having a great idea is only a portion of the equation. Without the right team to execute it, it’s useless.

That’s why myself and Jeremy Broker, Denaro’s co-founder, chose to only hire the finest of professionals suited to Denaro when hiring.

Each member of our team are specialists in their respective fields of expertise and we have all been following the blockchain-tech movement since 2014 or earlier.

You can read more about us under the “Team” section over at denaro.io

4) What inspired you to launch a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency business with Denaro?

Ron : After first meeting Jeremy in 2016 at the London Blockchain conference, we decided together that we needed to tackle the problems we both faced with storing multiple cryptocurrencies. We had multiple wallets for each cryptocurrency and separate crypto wallets for debit card top-ups. This is how the concept for Denaro — the solution for storing multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet and offering liquidity via debit cards and payment terminals — was incepted.

Also, Jeremy’s father owned a small PC hardware store in London, and he (Jeremy) wanted to implement some kind of payment option for his father’s customers to use crypto. This also played a part and led to the creation of Denaro.

5) What makes the Denaro ICO different from the others? Can you tell us more about your value proposition?

Ron : One key USP for Denaro is the introduction of multi-cryptocurrency payment terminals. This is entirely new and unique.

The cryptocurrencies Denaro can receive, store, transfer and spend are BTC, ETH, LTC and DNO. The ability to spend with merchants at their payment terminals and withdraw at ATMs by instantly converting to fiat, means that Denaro offers liquidity that is difficult to rival. This is another significant advantage that Denaro possesses.

The Denaro interface is intuitive and user-friendly, designed to enable anyone to use cryptocurrencies for their original purpose.

We think of Denaro as the bridge between cryptocurrency and the traditional banking infrastructure. Users will finally be able to seamlessly spend their cryptocurrencies with merchants worldwide.

We are solving a huge issue that is shared by the entirety of the cryptocurrency community — liquidity and ease of use. The demand for this solution is immeasurable.

To learn more about our platform and the competitive edges Denaro holds, view our whitepaper: http://denaro.io/whitepaper.

6) How much do you intend to raise in the DNO Token Sale and What are the steps for purchasing the DNO Token?

Ron : The hard cap for our token sale sits at 65,000,000 DNO sold.

To purchase the DNO token:

        1. Visit http://denaro.io/ico
        2. Sign up/login.
        3. Select the “Buy DNO” tab
        4. Choose the currency you would like to pay with (BTC, ETH, LTC or USD) and then follow the instructions provided for that currency.
        5. Once you have purchased your DNO, you’ll need to claim them: head over to the “Claim DNO” tab.
        6. Enter your wallet address (it must be an ERC-20-compatible wallet — we recommend Mist, MetaMask or MyEtherWallet) and the number of tokens you’d like to claim, which should be the number of tokens you have purchased.
        7. Once claimed, to see your DNO tokens in your wallet balance, follow our tutorial (https://denaro.io/docs/Token_tutorial.pdf)

7) Why would Denaro increase in Equity and Value and how can DNO tokenholders profit if they invest now?

Ron : I cannot comment on anything regarding price speculation. Sorry.

I can tell you, however, that one of the tokenholder benefits is the distribution of transaction fees. Each tokenholder receives a share of them.

8) Would you like to share the exchanges where DNO Token will be traded and on what date will you start trading After ICO?

Ron : We will be pushing Denaro onto as many major exchanges as possible. For security reasons (to protect our investors), we cannot give exact dates, but we can tell you that DNO will be listed on a healthy number of major exchanges by May 2018.

9) Where do you see Denaro after ICO and in the next 5 years, do you have any value projection for the token price?

Ron : Again, I cannot speculate for legal reasons.

As for Denaro itself, I see it operating worldwide. I see it playing a huge part in the cryptocurrency community’s daily lives, as it bridges the divide between cryptocurrency and the mainstream. I see it having a crucial role in the widespread adoption we will see.

I see tens of millions of people using Denaro daily to pay for goods and services, to send and receive cryptocurrencies, and to cash out their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

I see merchants turning larger profits by using Denaro and capitalizing on the substantial reduction in fees that it offers as a payment terminal and system.

10) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve this goal?

Ron : We are now bringing in new investors via marketing and  bounty campaigns. We also recently launched our weekly referral contest, in which users who bring in new investors via referrals are rewarded weekly; they are paid out in ETH or BTC, as we don’t want to depreciate the value of DNO tokens by paying users with DNO.

They will still receive their 3% referral commission in DNO (as stated in the whitepaper), but contest winners will receive ETH or BTC. The total prize money is $95,000, with 1st place banking $50k.

10) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Ron : Additional wallet security options we offer include IP-address protection, which when activated, requires the user to login to their wallet from the same IP address as they did when logging in the previous time.

This adds a fine extra layer of wallet security to the existing methods used universally throughout cryptocurrency wallets.

For more information, visit Denaro Website here

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