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Launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Instantly With Blockchain Scaffold! – Ready to Deploy Module To Get Faster Time to Market.

Having achieved rapid global success due to domain expertise, excellence in software development services in blockchain technology across all the industry, Oodles Technologies has launched a Re-Utile Ready Built Base Product​, Blockchain Scaffoldto sparkle the Cryptocurrency Business success with Less Project Time & Cost​.

The product — Blockchain Scaffold— would help business startups & entrepreneurs to speed up the development workflow and procedure with so that you don’t ​miss out your valuable traders or customers. There is no shortcut to cryptocurrency exchange business success but there is one magic formula that can build “multi-secure” cryptocurrency exchange platform with unique features.

Oodles Technologies came up with this idea to revolutionize the trading platform development & increase the customer’s success. It was named “​Scaffold​”which mean “Minimum & Sufficient” & this base product fulfills the meaning of its name as provides required functionality with less time period & cost. It is packed with innovative high-level features such as Multi-Level Authentication​, Multi-Signature Wallet​, KYC Complianceand much more to take the trading platform to the next level & maximizes performance and scalability.

This product will also allow Easy Customizationof functionalities, If the standard functionality that is available with the module isn’t meeting with the needs, then customization comes to rescue it and help business startups to get more out of the module.

High-Level Features
● Multi-Factor Authentication
● Multi-Currency Wallet
● KYC Compliance
● Multi-Signature Wallet
● Multi-Instrument Trading
● Orders & Order Book
● Report Generation
● Admin Portal

What is White label exchange Module?
The Module that has already been thoroughly tested and proven to work. You won’t need to do
an extensive research & waste time on design & development. A ready-made solution for the
business to provide a simple, clear path to their end goal. White label exchange Module allows
you to customize the features to match your requirements with your own logo and theme to
reflect your brand.

How White label Module Saves Time?
Building cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch is like “Finding a pearl under a deep
ocean!” Because your own cryptocurrency exchange solution to may lead the following

● You will reinvent the wheel
● You can’t get faster time to market
● You’ll spend money on development
● Less expertise and resources to meet your focused solution

Benefits of Using Scaffold: A White Label Solution

● Easy to Market and brand
● Catch your customer on time
● Save your time and money
● Reach your goals efficiently

About Oodles Technologies
Oodles Technologiesis an offshore software development company with a focus on state-of-the-art technologies. They have the niche in awe-inspiring domains like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, Big Data and Live Video Streaming. They keep close tabs on the latest trends and technologies with the highly skilled team of developers, & strive to deliver end-to-end development solutions at the best market rates.

Now Start Your Business With our White-label Exchange solution! Contact us and get started with the free demo!

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